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DIY Magnetic Fly Screen Kits. Easy to install. Fast, Australia wide delivery.


Would you like an inexpensive method to keep them out?

The answer is DIY Magnetic Fly Screens by Maglab.

Maglab Magnetic Fly Screens are easy to install - all you need is a pair of scissors or knife and a caulking gun (available from any hardware store for around $10).

A 15mm flat surface around your window all is that is required to adhere the magnetic flyscreen.

Colours: available in white, black, beige, brown and aluminium.

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Maglab is a family run business established in Sydney in 1990. We stock Australia’s largest supply of magnets. If you have any questions regarding our products don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. Other Maglab products include commercial magnets, DIY magnetic double glazing and barcode magnets. Click here for more information about Maglab Magnets and our quality products.
Maglab Magnetic Fly Screens

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